Cartoon-Caricature of Marco Rubio – People are just so Jealous of his new toys!

Baby Rubio or, as he is formally known, Senator Marco Rubio has America falling head over heels in love with him. He’s got that wide-smile, the little buttony nose, the wide-eyed look…everything that makes him look like a kid that he is…or isn’t. He’s the guy they are pinning their hopes on…he’ll be rowing the American boat out of the troubled economic waters and re-establishing it as the most powerful nation on earth.

But something’s been nagging you…

something that makes you ask this irrelevant and rude question.

Didn’t Marco Rubio Spend an Exorbitant Amount of Money on an Audi and a Boat?

Exorbitant Amount? A grand total of $130K?! (Snicker!)
It’s an old and worn story that he got a book deal worth $800,000 and then immediately went on a spending spree. That his innocent baby-act of renting an Audi for $50K and buying a boat for $80K should make such waves is unthinkable to many. Why can’t a President-hopeful live the American dream? He paid-off his student-loan before he splurged, didn’t he? Now why should this be blown out of proportion?!

Cartoon Caricature of Marco Rubio - Republcian Candidate for US Presidential Elections 2016.

I’ll make the right decisions for the United States!

Tell me if I got it wrong. Marco Rubio grew up in a family with rather modest means, his mom and dad were cuban immigrants who worked hard to make both ends meet; and now when he comes into some money, can’t he spend some?

Of course he can. In fact, I have a hunch that he did it on purpose. He is an intelligent guy. Perhaps he thought that this would endear him to his voters. “The guy’s just like us,” they’d say, and then they’d rally around him. I’ve been reading stuff about his being one of the favorites among tea-party voters. They wanted someone with immigrant-roots and a conservative political outlook, and they got their guy in Rubio. So all in all, he’s got a good thing going for him in the 2016 presidential elections. 

But is Marco Rubio the greatest thing for America?

If he’s just like you and I, and his decision-making is as impulsive as yours and mine, should the reins of America be handed over to him? Could THIS be a preview of the things to come?

Think about him. I’ll think too…and yes, he does look cute from certain angles.



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3 thoughts on “Cartoon-Caricature of Marco Rubio – People are just so Jealous of his new toys!

  1. […] a conservative (sounds odd that being a child of immigrants he is a conservative, but then so is Marco Rubio) and he leans to the far right. He isn’t keen on being reminded of his Indian heritage […]


  2. Nancy J July 5, 2015 at 4:10 pm Reply

    I certainly didn’t know of Marco Rubio’s financial problems but thanks to you, I do now. My goodness what was he thinking ? I do believe that people who grow up without money and that suddenly come into money….either thru large salaries or windfalls like the lottery…..have no idea how to handle the money that they have. Perhaps Marco is a member of this group. He is striving for a better life ( a life most people can’t afford, it seems ) but doesn’t seem to be able to get a handle on his finances and his spending habits. How sad. I have read that a startling 70% of lottery winners lose all of their winnings and file for bankruptcy. I hope that Marco Rubio gets his finances in order and learns to budget properly. I personally do not believe anyone who has that much trouble managing their own money could manage a country like the United States. But that’s just my opinion.

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    • Shafali July 5, 2015 at 11:36 pm Reply

      I guess Marco Rubio behaved quite like any other imprudent lottery-winner. A man who dreams to become the President of the United States, must at least be able to manage his own money. He’s also known to be completely in the thralls of a specific businessman (can’t recall his name,) so while he’s a great orator (Obama was too,) if you look close enough, you can see some cracks.


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